Deborah Ely Budding, Ph.D. is a neuropsychologist with specialization in sensorimotor development and subcortical contributions to neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, learning disabilities, mood and anxiety disorders, and pervasive developmental (autism spectrum) disorders.  She specializes in child, adolescent, and adult neuropsychological assessment. Deborah is also co-author of numerous publications including ADHD as a Model of Brain-Behavior Relationships, ADHD & Gifted- Twice Exceptional and ADHD & Sensory Processing

About Deborah Budding

 Deborah Ely Budding, Ph.D. is a clinical neuropsychologist who evaluates children, adolescents, and adults.

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Co-author of

ADHD as a Model of Brain-Behavior Relationships (2013)

Leonard F. KoziolDeborah Ely Budding and Dana Chidekel